Simon G

Simon G. Jewelry knows the value of commitment over the long term, and our work every day honors our legacy.  A true commitment shows dedication to shared betterment through personal connection and sacrifice, where magically or matter-of-factly 1+1 = 3; an added value of love that only a brand that itself has stayed committed could truly know. The theme of Commitment carries through more than just Simon G. Jewelry’s campaign, it is the foundation for all that we do.

We celebrate the power of two. Together we’re able to dream bigger and do more. We stand for a commitment that not only binds us, but makes us stronger. Our jewelry is a talisman serving as a reminder: We’re in this Together.

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Harbour Drive, George Town

Mon - Sat 8:30am - 5pm

(345) 949-7098


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Cardinall Ave, George Town

Mon - Sat 8:30am - 5pm

(345) 946-2333

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